Everybody Says Yes


"Chicago siren Meghan Murphy...her stage presence, jaw-dropping chops and, most importantly, the right material to emphasize her talents.  Fournier's lyrics perfectly suit Murphy's passionate, soulful delivery."

"Meghan is the most versatile and organic vocalist in the Midwest. There's not a genre she can't sing and make it sound as if the song wasn't written expressly for her. So many singers can be put into catagories, "pop singer", "cabaret singer", "rock singer", but Meghan covers every genre her vocal chords take on and does it seemlessly."

"Meghan Murphy has the pipes and personality that has entertained crowds for years.  If you haven't seen 'Big Red' take over a room yet, what are you waiting for?"

"It takes guts for a white gal to wail...And she kills....Murphy stopped the show."

"If a star is born amidst all this talent, it's Meghan Murphy, who stops the show...with a strong stage presence to enhance her vocal chops."

"Meghan Murphy, with an diva's unmistakeable belt, stops the show."